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Risky Choice

Optimal Allocation of Time in Risky Choices under Opportunity Costs
Sebastian Olschewski
Dr. Tim Mullett
Prof. Neil Stewart
Mathematical modeling of risk-taking in bipolar disorder: Evidence of reduced behavioral consistency, with altered loss aversion specific to those with history of substance use disorder
Carly Lasagna
Tim Pleskac
Cynthia Burton
Melvin McInnis
Stephan Taylor
Dr. Ivy Tso
The multiple attentional roots of probability weighting in risky choice
Prof. Thorsten Pachur
Dr. Veronika Zilker
Modelling the influence of situational uncertainty on risk taking in everyday life
Aaron Lob
Prof. Renato Frey
Observational learning of Exploration Exploitation Strategies in Bandit Tasks
Mr. Ludwig Danwitz