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Mellenbergh | M1.01
Plantage Muidergracht 12, 1018 TV Amsterdam

Workshop Highlighting Recent ACT-R Work and Trends
Jul 18 @ 09:00 UTC - Jul 18 @ 18:00 UTC
Public session
Reinforcement Learning
Jul 19 @ 11:20 UTC - Jul 19 @ 12:40 UTC
In-person session
Performance of the volatile Kalman filter in the reversal learning paradigm
Steven Miletić, Niek Stevenson, Prof. Birte Forstmann, Prof. Andrew Heathcote
Measuring impulsivity using a real-time driving task and inverse reinforcement learning
Dr. Sang Ho Lee, Dr. Myeong Seop Song, Prof. Min-hwan Oh, Prof. Woo-Young Ahn
"One step beyond...": Computational principles in social interaction
Prof. Maarten Speekenbrink, Dr. Ismail Guennouni
Symposium: Bayesian Advances in Modeling Individual Differences
Jul 20 @ 09:00 UTC - Jul 20 @ 10:40 UTC
In-person session
Informative and efficient Bayesian hypothesis tests for lesion studies
Dr. Frederik Aust, Prof. Julia Haaf, Prof. Edward de Haan, Eric-Jan Wagenmakers
A framework to study individual differences in meaning representations
Prof. Julia Haaf, Ingmar Visser, Dr. Alexandra Sarafoglou
Comparing and exploring modeling solutions to the reliability paradox in conflict tasks
Michelle Donzallaz, Dr. Dora Matzke, Dr. Suzanne Hoogeveen, Dr. Udo Boehm, Chris Donkin, Prof. Andrew Heathcote, Prof. Julia Haaf
Bayesian modeling approaches for individual differences in social cognition
Prof. Julia Haaf, Michelle Donzallaz, Dr. Suzanne Hoogeveen
Evidence-Accumulation Models: Methods
Jul 20 @ 11:00 UTC - Jul 20 @ 12:40 UTC
In-person session
A Bayesian hierarchical implementation of the circular drift diffusion model
Adriana Felisa Chávez De la Peña, J. Manuel Villarreal, Michael Lee, Joachim Vandekerckhove
Partial derivatives and an adaptive rejection sampler for the Wiener diffusion model
Dr. Raphael Hartmann, Dr. Constantin Meyer-Grant, Prof. Christoph Klauer
Hierarchical Bayesian Estimation for Cognitive Models using Particle Metropolis within Gibbs (PMwG): A tutorial
Dr. Scott Brown, Caroline Kuhne, Niek Stevenson, Mr. Gavin Cooper, Guy Hawkins, Jon-Paul Cavallaro, Reilly Innes
Thinking & Reasoning
Jul 20 @ 15:20 UTC - Jul 20 @ 17:00 UTC
In-person session
An integrated choice and latent variable decision field theory model linking preferential choice responses and thinking patterns.
Dr. Thomas Hancock, Dr. Fangqing Song, Prof. Charisma Choudhury, Prof. Stephane Hess, Dr. Faisal Mushtaq
A Simple Model for Mixing Intuition and Analysis
Prof. Konstantinos Katsikopoulos, Prof. Martin Egozcue, Prof. Luis Fuentes Garcia
Jul 21 @ 09:00 UTC - Jul 21 @ 10:40 UTC
In-person session
A Cognitive Model of a Temporal Binding Task
Laura Saad, Dr. Alexander Hough, Dr. Leslie Blaha, Christian Lebiere
ACT-R Modeling of Rapid Motor Learning Based on Schema Construction
Mr. Kazuma Nagashima, Mr. Jumpei Nishikawa, Mr. Ryo Yoneda, Prof. Junya Morita
An initial cognitive model of a radar detection task
Dr. Alexander Hough, Christopher Adam Stevens, Dr. Elizabeth Fox, Dr. Chris Myers
Improving Visuomotor Control of a Cognitive Architecture
Ms. Grace Roessling, Dr. Tim Halverson, Dr. Chris Myers
Long Road Ahead: Lessons Learned from the (soon to be) Longest Running Cognitive Model
Ms. Siyu Wu, Mr. Amirreza Bagherzadehkhorasani, Frank E Ritter, Farnaz Tehranchi
Symposium: Investigating Within-Trial Timing of Cognitive Processes with EEG
Jul 21 @ 11:00 UTC - Jul 21 @ 12:40 UTC
In-person session
Detecting multiple sequential decisions within a single trial using EEG
Leendert Van Maanen, Dr. Gabriel Weindel, Dr. Jelmer Borst, Dr. Oscar Portoles
When does evidence accumulation begin after a visual stimulus? Evidence from neurocognitive modeling of EEG and behavior
Dr. Michael D. Nunez, Ms. Parineeta Ekhande, Mr. Christopher Pinier, Dr. Amin Ghaderi-Kangavari
Untangling frequency and word type effects on lexical decision processes
Joshua Krause, Jacolien van Rij, Dr. Jelmer Borst
Linking stages of conflict-processing across behavioral and electrophysiological data
Anna-Lena Schubert, Christoph Löffler, Prof. Dirk Hagemann
Jul 21 @ 15:20 UTC - Jul 21 @ 17:00 UTC
In-person session