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A Cognitive Model of a Temporal Binding Task
Laura Saad
Dr. Alexander Hough
Dr. Leslie Blaha
Christian Lebiere
ACT-R Modeling of Rapid Motor Learning Based on Schema Construction
Mr. Kazuma Nagashima
Mr. Jumpei Nishikawa
Mr. Ryo Yoneda
Prof. Junya Morita
An initial cognitive model of a radar detection task
Dr. Alexander Hough
Christopher Adam Stevens
Dr. Elizabeth Fox
Dr. Chris Myers
Improving Visuomotor Control of a Cognitive Architecture
Ms. Grace Roessling
Dr. Tim Halverson
Dr. Chris Myers
Long Road Ahead: Lessons Learned from the (soon to be) Longest Running Cognitive Model
Ms. Siyu Wu
Mr. Amirreza Bagherzadehkhorasani
Frank E Ritter
Farnaz Tehranchi