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Evidence-Accumulation Models: Methods

A Bayesian hierarchical implementation of the circular drift diffusion model
Adriana Felisa Chávez De la Peña
J. Manuel Villarreal
Michael Lee
Joachim Vandekerckhove
Partial derivatives and an adaptive rejection sampler for the Wiener diffusion model
Dr. Raphael Hartmann
Dr. Constantin Meyer-Grant
Prof. Christoph Klauer
Hierarchical Bayesian Estimation for Cognitive Models using Particle Metropolis within Gibbs (PMwG): A tutorial
Dr. Scott Brown
Caroline Kuhne
Niek Stevenson
Mr. Gavin Cooper
Guy Hawkins
Jon-Paul Cavallaro
Reilly Innes
Exploring the neurally plausible assumptions of the Ising Decision Making model
Jiashun Wang
Chris Donkin
PyBEAM: A Bayesian approach to parameter inference for a wide class of binary evidence accumulation models.
Prof. Bill Holmes
Matt Murrow