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Symposium: Bayesian Advances in Modeling Individual Differences

Informative and efficient Bayesian hypothesis tests for lesion studies
Dr. Frederik Aust
Prof. Julia Haaf
Prof. Edward de Haan
Eric-Jan Wagenmakers
A framework to study individual differences in meaning representations
Prof. Julia Haaf
Ingmar Visser
Dr. Alexandra Sarafoglou
Bayesian hierarchical model approaches for disattenuating correlation in studies of individual differences
Mr. Mahbod Mehrvarz
Dr. Jeffrey Rouder
Comparing and exploring modeling solutions to the reliability paradox in conflict tasks
Michelle Donzallaz
Dr. Dora Matzke
Dr. Suzanne Hoogeveen
Dr. Udo Boehm
Chris Donkin
Prof. Andrew Heathcote
Prof. Julia Haaf
Bayesian modeling approaches for individual differences in social cognition
Prof. Julia Haaf
Michelle Donzallaz
Dr. Suzanne Hoogeveen