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Symposium: Mental Architecture Model Identifiability Approaches

Modular Serial-Parallel Network (MSPN): A Unified Model for Hierarchical Cognitive and Perceptual Processes
Mario Fific
Daniel R. Little
Prof. Cheng-Ta Yang
Effects of Automation Accuracy and Task Difficulty on Decision-Making Efficiency: Insights from Systems Factorial Technology
Mr. Cheng-You Cheng
Shang Shu Huang
Ming-Hui Cheng
Peng-Fei Zhu
Hao-Lun Fu
Prof. Cheng-Ta Yang
The Change of speed of retrieval of items from long-term memory: Control by the parallel hazard functions in a parallel system
James T. Townsend
Selective influence and coactivity in accumulator models examined through the Grice representation
Prof. Joe Houpt
Investigating the integration of two sources of visual information
Ying-yu Chen
Prof. Joe Houpt