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Knowledge Spaces

Procedures for constructing minimal, yet maximally informative tests for skill assessment
Prof. Pasquale Anselmi
Juergen Heller
Luca Stefanutti
Prof. Egidio Robusto
Toward a unified perspective on assessment models, a perspective on KST, CDA, and IRT
Dr. Stefano Noventa
Juergen Heller
Prof. Augustin Kelava
Modeling symmetries in human problem solving and problem space homomorphisms
Dr. Andrea Brancaccio
Dr. Debora de Chiusole
Luca Stefanutti
On the identifiability of the Polytomous Local Independence Model (PoLIM)
Prof. Andrea Spoto
Luca Stefanutti
The dimension of a knowledge space
Luca Stefanutti