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de Groot | C1.04

Symposium: Deep Learning for Cognitive Modeling
Jul 19 @ 09:00 UTC - Jul 19 @ 11:00 UTC
In-person session
Comparing Bayesian hierarchical models: A deep learning method with cognitive applications
Lasse Elsemüller, Dr. Martin Schnuerch, Paul-Christian Bürkner, Stefan Radev
Time to jump: Exploring the distribution of noise in evidence accumulation as a function of time pressure
Julia Liss, Dr. Mischa von Krause, Eva Marie Wieschen, Lasse Elsemüller, Veronika Lerche
Neural superstatistics for bayesian estimation of dynamic cognitive models
Mr. Lukas Schumacher, Stefan Radev, Andreas Voss, Paul-Christian Bürkner
ICCM Keynote: Prof. Mateja Jamnik
Jul 19 @ 14:00 UTC - Jul 19 @ 15:00 UTC
Public session
How can we make trustworthy AI?
Prof. Mateja Jamnik
ICCM: Neuroscience I
Jul 20 @ 09:00 UTC - Jul 20 @ 10:40 UTC
In-person session
Improving Reinforcement Learning with Biologically Motivated Continuous State Representations
Dr. Madeleine Bartlett, Kathryn Simone, Ms. Nicole Dumont, Dr. Michael Furlong, Chris Eliasmith, Prof. Jeff Orchard, Terry Stewart
Novelty Detection, Insect Olfaction, Mismatch Negativity, and the Representation of Probability in the Brain
Terry Stewart, Dr. Michael Furlong, Kathryn Simone, Dr. Madeleine Bartlett, Prof. Jeff Orchard
Single neuron distribution modelling for anomaly detection and evidence integration
Dr. Michael Furlong, Dr. Madeleine Bartlett, Terry Stewart, Chris Eliasmith
Estes Early Career Award Lecture: Dr. Adam Osth
Jul 20 @ 14:00 UTC - Jul 20 @ 15:00 UTC
Public session
Novelty rejection in episodic memory
Dr. Adam Osth
Knowledge Spaces
Jul 20 @ 15:20 UTC - Jul 20 @ 17:00 UTC
In-person session
Procedures for constructing minimal, yet maximally informative tests for skill assessment
Prof. Pasquale Anselmi, Juergen Heller, Luca Stefanutti, Prof. Egidio Robusto
Toward a unified perspective on assessment models, a perspective on KST, CDA, and IRT
Dr. Stefano Noventa, Juergen Heller, Prof. Augustin Kelava
Modeling symmetries in human problem solving and problem space homomorphisms
Dr. Andrea Brancaccio, Dr. Debora de Chiusole, Luca Stefanutti
MathPsych Keynote: Prof. Birte Forstmann
Jul 21 @ 14:00 UTC - Jul 21 @ 15:00 UTC
Public session
Decision Mechanisms in Deep Brain Networks: A joint modeling approach
Prof. Birte Forstmann
Jul 21 @ 15:20 UTC - Jul 21 @ 17:00 UTC
In-person session
Measurement of memory
Prof. John Dunn, Dr. Laura Anderson
ROC Asymmetry and the Target-Probe Invariance Assumption in Recognition Memory
Dr. Constantin Meyer-Grant, David Kellen, Dr. Henrik Singmann, Prof. Christoph Klauer
Improving Memory Search through Model-Based Cue Selection
Charlotte Cornell, Kenneth A. Norman, Thomas L. Griffiths, Qiong Zhang
Order-Constrained Models of Memory
Dr. Joseph Sommer, Prof. Pernille Hemmer, Michel Regenwetter, Daniel Cavagnaro