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Symposium In Honor of AAJ Marley

Tributes to AAJ Marley
- Plenary Session
On the best-worst choice model of Marley and Louviere
Jean-Paul Doignon
The role of reinforcement learning in shaping the decision policy in methamphetamine use disorders
Mr. Sadegh Ghaderi
Dr. Mohammad Hemami
Dr. Reza Khosrowabadi
Dr. Jamal Amani Rad
Best, worst, and best&worst choice probabilities for logit and reverse logit models
Mr. André de Palma
Dr. Karim Kilani
An integrated choice and response time decision field theory model: new insights on choice response times in multi-attribute, multi-alternative choice.
Dr. Thomas Hancock
Prof. Stephane Hess
Prof. Charisma Choudhury
A. A. J. Marley
Machine Learning approaches to estimating and comparing models of intertemporal choice
Dr. Peter Kvam
Konstantina Sokratous
Preference estimation from point allocation experiments
Dr. Marion Collewet
Dr. Paul Koster
Do Discrete Choice Experiments and Rating Scales Elicit the Same Preference Judgments?
Dr. Quentin Gronau
Murray Bennett
Dr. Scott Brown
Guy Hawkins
Dr. Ami Eidels
The role of decoy effects in nudging preferences for electric vehicles: A novel approach to fuse preference data with and without eye-tracking
Ms. Xinwei Li
Dr. Prateek Bansal
Cube model: Predictions and account for best-worst choice situations with three choice alternatives
Dr. Adele Diederich