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Systems and Architectures

Nice guys check twice — Questioning the assumptions of the capacity coefficient
Dr. Zach Howard
Paul M Garrett
Daniel R. Little
Dr. Ami Eidels
James T. Townsend
Investigating the processing architecture in memory intersection problems
Dr. Zach Howard
Dr. Ami Eidels
Bianca Belevski
Prof. Simon Dennis
Using context to shift from line to point attractors in a bidirectional associative memory
Ms. Kinsey Church
Matt Ross
Sylvain Chartier
No distinction between 'capacity' and 'precision': Populations of noisy familiarity signals explain visual memory errors
Prof. Timothy Brady
Mark Schurgin
John Wixted
A Bayesian model of capacity across time
Dr. Elizabeth Fox
Prof. Joe Houpt
A general architecture for modeling the dynamics of goal-directed motivation and decision making
Dr. Timothy Ballard
Andrew Neal
Simon Farrell
Prof. Andrew Heathcote
A framework for the formal operational description of ACT-R.
Mr. Vincent Langenfeld
Bernd Westphal
Andreas Podelski