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Make yourself comfortable and browse past, current, and upcoming MathPsych sessions in the Donatello Room

Group Dynamics
Jul 20 @ 00:00 UTC - Jul 21 @ 23:59 UTC
Public session
Model-based wisdom of the crowd for sequential decisions
Michael Lee, Jeff Coon, Bobby Thomas, Holly Westfall
An Iterated Prospect Theory Model for the Dutch Auction
Murray Bennett, Rachel Mullard, Dr. Scott Brown, Dr. Ami Eidels
Systems and Architectures
Jul 21 @ 00:00 UTC - Jul 22 @ 23:59 UTC
Public session
Nice guys check twice — Questioning the assumptions of the capacity coefficient
Dr. Zach Howard, Paul M Garrett, Daniel R. Little, Dr. Ami Eidels, James T. Townsend
Investigating the processing architecture in memory intersection problems
Dr. Zach Howard, Dr. Ami Eidels, Bianca Belevski, Prof. Simon Dennis
A Bayesian model of capacity across time
Dr. Elizabeth Fox, Prof. Joe Houpt
A general architecture for modeling the dynamics of goal-directed motivation and decision making
Dr. Timothy Ballard, Andrew Neal, Simon Farrell, Prof. Andrew Heathcote
A framework for the formal operational description of ACT-R.
Mr. Vincent Langenfeld, Bernd Westphal, Andreas Podelski
Cognitive Neuromodeling
Jul 22 @ 00:00 UTC - Jul 23 @ 23:59 UTC
Public session
Classification of sleep stages with high frequency oscillations
Dr. Michael D. Nunez, Krit Charupanit, Indranil Sen-Gupta, Jack Lin, Beth Lopour
Single-trial estimates of sequential sampling models parameters are not just noisy but can also be biased
Dr. Laura Fontanesi, Gilles de Hollander, Sebastian Gluth, Jorg Rieskamp
Assessing model-based inferences in decision making with single-trial response time decomposition
Dr. Gabriel Weindel, Royce Anders, F.-Xavier Alario, Boris Burle
Perceptual decision-making in children: Age-related differences and EEG correlates
Dr. Catherine Manning, Eric-Jan Wagenmakers, Anthony M. Norcia, Gaia Scerif, Dr. Udo Boehm
Jul 23 @ 00:00 UTC - Jul 24 @ 23:59 UTC
Public session
Adaptive Reasoning in Rock-Paper-Scissors
Erik Brockbank, Edward Vul
Dissecting the mechanism of Pavlovian bias with the orthogonalized Approach/Withdrawal task and mouse-tracking
Mr. Hoyoung Doh, Yunseo Jeong, Harhim Park, Prof. Woo-Young Ahn
Analyzing variability in instance-based learning model predictions using recurrence quantification analysis
Dr. Erin McCormick, Dr. Leslie Blaha, Prof. Cleotilde (Coty) Gonzalez
Joint Modeling
Jul 24 @ 00:00 UTC - Jul 25 @ 23:59 UTC
Public session
Gaussian process joint models for estimating latent dynamics of brain and behavior
Giwon Bahg, Daniel G. Evans, Mr. Matthew Galdo, Dr. Brandon Turner, Chris Donkin, Prof. Andrew Heathcote
Towards a quantitative framework for detecting transfer of learning
Mr. Matthew Galdo, Dr. Brandon Turner, Prof. Mark Steyvers
Joint modeling of choices, response times, and eye movements
Sebastian Gluth
Jul 27 @ 00:00 UTC - Jul 28 @ 23:59 UTC
Public session
Attention constraints and learning in categories
Rahul Bhui, Peiran Jiao
REFRESH: A new approach to modeling dimensional biases in perceptual similarity and categorization
Prof. Adam Sanborn, Katherine Heller, Prof. Joe Austerweil, Nick Chater
Contrast as supervision in process models of classification behavior
Mr. Jay Wimsatt, Ronaldo Vigo
Memory Research Methods
Jul 28 @ 00:00 UTC - Jul 29 @ 23:59 UTC
Public session
A Bayesian collaborative filtering approach to alleviating the Cold Start Problem in adaptive fact learning
Dr. Maarten van der Velde, Florian Sense, Dr. Jelmer Borst, Hedderik van Rijn
Jul 29 @ 00:00 UTC - Jul 30 @ 23:59 UTC
Public session
Confidence as a continuous state of evidence with dynamic competition
Mr. Woojong Yi, Eddy J. Davelaar, Marius Usher, Dr. Brandon Turner
Explicit value cues and response caution in value-based decisions
Blair Shevlin, Stephanie M. Smith, Jan Hausfeld, Prof. Ian Krajbich
To maximize gains or to minimize losses?
Dr. Pele Schramm, Eldad Yechiam
Applied MathPsych
Jul 31 @ 00:00 UTC - Aug 01 @ 23:59 UTC
Public session
An application of a hierarchical diffusion model on ambulatory data from Huntington's patients
Brendan McLaren, Dr. Ricky Romeu, Sophie Andrews, Julie Stout
Acute alcohol effects on risky sexual decision making
Laura Hatz, Denis McCarthy, Prof. Clintin Davis-Stober
Identifying computational markers of future nicotine intake using adaptive design optimization in a smartphone app
Jaeyeong Yang, Hyeonjin Kim, Prof. Jay I. Myung, Mark Pitt, Prof. Woo-Young Ahn
Bayesian hierarchical estimation of visual change detection using Gaussian Markov Random Field priors
Dr. Chris R. Sims, Ms. Rachel Lerch, John A. Tarduno, Robert A. Jacobs
How does risk perception of COVID-19 influence emotion and mental health during the pandemic: A specification curve analysis
Ms. Qing Han, Bang Zheng, Ben Gutzkow, Jannis Kreienkamp, Max Agostini, Jocelyn Belanger, PsyCorona team, N. Pontus Leander