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Cognitive Neuromodeling

Classification of sleep stages with high frequency oscillations
Dr. Michael D. Nunez
Krit Charupanit
Indranil Sen-Gupta
Jack Lin
Beth Lopour
Single-trial estimates of sequential sampling models parameters are not just noisy but can also be biased
Dr. Laura Fontanesi
Gilles de Hollander
Sebastian Gluth
Jorg Rieskamp
Assessing model-based inferences in decision making with single-trial response time decomposition
Dr. Gabriel Weindel
Royce Anders
F.-Xavier Alario
Boris Burle
Changes within neural population codes can be inferred from psychophysical threshold studies
Mr. Jason Hays
Fabian Soto
Perceptual decision-making in children: Age-related differences and EEG correlates
Dr. Catherine Manning
Eric-Jan Wagenmakers
Anthony M. Norcia
Gaia Scerif
Dr. Udo Boehm