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Applied MathPsych

An application of a hierarchical diffusion model on ambulatory data from Huntington's patients
Brendan McLaren
Dr. Ricky Romeu
Sophie Andrews
Julie Stout
Acute alcohol effects on risky sexual decision making
Laura Hatz
Denis McCarthy
Prof. Clintin Davis-Stober
Identifying computational markers of future nicotine intake using adaptive design optimization in a smartphone app
Jaeyeong Yang
Hyeonjin Kim
Prof. Jay I. Myung
Mark Pitt
Prof. Woo-Young Ahn
Who's more Bayesian? Belief updating and no conservatism bias in Schizophrenia
Prof. Gerit Pfuhl
Håkon Tjelmeland
Bayesian hierarchical estimation of visual change detection using Gaussian Markov Random Field priors
Dr. Chris R. Sims
Ms. Rachel Lerch
John A. Tarduno
Robert A. Jacobs
How does risk perception of COVID-19 influence emotion and mental health during the pandemic: A specification curve analysis
Ms. Qing Han
Bang Zheng
Ben Gutzkow
Jannis Kreienkamp
Max Agostini
Jocelyn Belanger
PsyCorona team
N. Pontus Leander