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Implementing Incentive Sensitization Theory of Addiction with Nengo NeuralNetwork Simulator

Ms. Peiying Jian
Queen's University ~ psychology
Terry Stewart
National Research Council of Canada
Mary C. Olmstead
Department of Psychology, Queen's University Kingston, ON K7L 3N6 Canada
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We present first steps towards a biologically grounded imple-mentation of the Incentive Sensitization Theory of addiction.We present multiple different plausible ways of mapping thistheory into a computational model, and examine the resultingbehaviour to see whether it accords with standard interpreta-tions of the theory. This is the first step in a larger project tocreate a computationally tractible and biologically motivatedmodel of addiction to help clarify and ground various terms inthe theory.

plans to model behavioral data? Last updated 5 months ago

Nice work! Very cool idea to implement this theory into a neural model. I was wondering whether you have any plans to test your model with behavioral (response time) tasks that have been developed to test the incentive salience theory. I think that would make it substantially easier to constrain your theory!

Marieke Van Vugt 0 comments