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Poster session

Behavior Associations in Lone-Actor Terrorists
Ayca Altay
Melike Baykal-Gursoy
Prof. Pernille Hemmer
Modelling Human Information Processing Limitations in Learning Tasks with Reinforcement Learning
Mr. Tyler Malloy
Dr. Chris R. Sims
Are Supernatural Concepts Epiphenomenal?
Dr. Joseph Sommer
Ms. Nicole King
Prof. Pernille Hemmer
Julien Musolino
A Computational Cognitive Model of Reasoning in Tibetan Buddhist Monastic Debate
Mr. Stefan Riegl
Dr. Marieke Van Vugt
Modeling the Absence of Framing Effect in an Experience-based Covid-19 Disease Problem
Dr. Neha Sharma
Mr. Shashank Uttrani
Varun Dutt
Creative or Not? Bayesian Hierarchical Diffusion Modeling of the Evaluation Phase of the Creative Process
Michelle Donzallaz
Prof. Julia Haaf
Claire E Stevenson
Converting continuous tracking data to pseudo response time distributions
Mr. Alexander William Thorpe
Dr. Ami Eidels
Keith Nesbitt
Rachel Heath
James T. Townsend
A Cognitive Model of Sound Representations in Children with Speech Sound Disorders
Soujanya Pathi
Dr. Prakash Mondal
Does ACT-R Model Me?
Emily Greve
Elisabeth Reid
Robert L. West
Ethical Test Driven Development: A Design Process for Building Ethical Agents
Mr. Thomas Steven Highstead
Robert L. West
Jennifer Schellinck
Babak Esfandiari
A Biologically-Inspired Neural Implementation of Affect Control Theory
Ms. Aarti Malhotra
Terry Stewart
Jesse Hoey
An Expanded Set of Declarative Memory Functionalities in PyACTUp, a Python Implementation of ACT-UP’s Accountable Modeling
Cher Yang
Don Morrison
Prof. Andrea Stocco
Mark Orr
Christian Lebiere
Diagnosing Short-term Memory Scanning Using The Systems Factorial Technology – Replication Studies
Mario Fific
Monica Van Til
Lola Erfourth
Tylor Kistler
Cognitive Flexibility in Cognitive Architecture: Simulating using Contextual Learning in PRIMs
Yang Ji
Jacolien van Rij
Dr. Niels Taatgen
Implementing Incentive Sensitization Theory of Addiction with Nengo NeuralNetwork Simulator
Ms. Peiying Jian
Terry Stewart
Mary C. Olmstead
Evaluating EEG activity as predictive of memory through classifiers
Sucheta Chakravarty
Matthew Danyluik
Yvonne Y. Chen
Jeremy B. Caplan
Intentional binding: an unintentional artifact?
Laura Saad
Julien Musolino
Prof. Pernille Hemmer
The Effect of Task Fidelity on Learning Curves
Frank E Ritter
Ashley McDermott
Emergence of Hierarchical Versus Similarity Relations in Known Categories
Janani Rajagopalan
Anjali Krishnan
Joke Recommender System Using Humor Theory
Ms. Soumya Agrawal
Julia Taylor Rayz
Drive the Bus
David Marc Schwartz
Farnaz Tehranchi
Frank E Ritter
Characterizing Human vs Machine Gameplay in StarCraft II
Mr. Chad Aaron Peters
Babak Esfandiari
Robert L. West
Re-Implementing a Dynamic Field Theory Model of Mental Maps using Python and Nengo
Ms. Rabea Turon
Ms. Paulina Friemann
Terry Stewart
Marco Ragni
The Cognitive Modeling of Errors During the Japanese Phonological Awareness Formation Process
Mr. Jumpei Nishikawa
Prof. Junya Morita
Interactive Model-based Reminiscence using a Cognitive Model and Physiological Indices
Mr. Kazuki Itabashi
Prof. Junya Morita
Takatsugu Hirayama
Kenji Mase
Kazunori Yamada
Modelling emotion and cognitive processing in dementia
Mr. Andi Musrah
Fiona Kumfor
Olivier Piguet
Causal structure learning and exact inference: A study of conditions for ideally Bayesian behavior in human learners
Mr. Nikolay Dagaev
Elena Gorina
Mario Martinez-Saito
Hierarchical Bayesian Psychometric Curves Reveal Mechanisms of The Vigilance Decrement
Prof. Jason McCarley
Yamani Yusuke
Cognitivemodels – an Extendable R Software Package to Develop and Test Cognitive Models
Dr. Jana Jarecki
Florian Seitz
A Study in Activation: Towards a Common Lexicon and Functional Taxonomy in Cognitive Architectures
Mr. Sean Christopher Kugele
Stan Franklin
The workload capacity of semantic search in convergent thinking
Linlin Shang
Daniel R. Little
Margaret Webb
Dr. Ami Eidels
Prof. Cheng-Ta Yang
Hierarchical Bayesian parameter estimation with the Particle Metropolis within Gibbs sampler
Mr. Gavin Cooper
Jon-Paul Cavallaro
Reilly Innes
Caroline Kuhne
Guy Hawkins
Dr. Scott Brown
Price discounts vs. awarding points: Verification of sales promotion effect in Japanese supermarket
Mr. Masakazu Ando
Koji Kosugi
Construction of a decision and learning model in repeated social dilemma games: Model evaluation using Bayesian statistical modeling
Keiko Mizuno
Hiroshi Shimizu
Using a Bidirectional Associative Memory and Feature Extraction to model Nonlinear Exploitation Problems
Ms. Kinsey Church
Matt Ross
Sylvain Chartier
Effects of speed on motor skill transfer
Mr. Pierre Gianferrara
Shawn Betts
Dr. John Anderson
Advantages of TERGM compared to Siena
Mr. Hiroaki Ochi
Koji Kosugi
Missed One! How Ballot Layout and Visual Task Strategy Can Interact to Produce Voting Errors
Mr. Joshua Adam Engels
Xianni Wang
Michael Byrne
Computational Modeling of Human Social Intelligence and Communication
Jeungmin Lee
Dr. Jerald D. Kralik
Jaeseung Jeong
Bayesian Approach to Belief Updating and Anxiety in the Classic Beads Task
Ms. Nicole Tan
Dr. Yiyun Shou
Bruce Christensen
Understand response bias: a threat to measurement validity and measurement equivalence
Mr. Guangyu Zhu
Dr. Yiyun Shou
Michael Smithson
Are Facial Identity and Expression Perceived Independently? A Study Controlling Stimulus and Decisional Confounds
Ms. S. Sanaz Hosseini
Fabian Soto
Predictions of REM Model on the Null List-Strength Effect in Source Recognition
Sinem Aytac
Asli Kilic
Amy H. Criss
Joint modelling group differences from military personnel
Reilly Innes
Dr. Scott Brown
Evaluating the speed of different approximations to the density function of the diffusion decision model
Mr. Kendal Foster
Dr. Henrik Singmann
Decoding the Mental States of Focus and Distraction in a Real Life Setting of Tibetan Monastic Debates Using EEG and Machine Learning
Ms. Pallavi Kaushik
Dr. Marieke Van Vugt
Partha Pratim Roy
A neurocomputational model of hippocampal field CA1 during context fear conditioning
Sanjay Narasiwodeyar
Fabian Soto
Search Strategies in Multiattribute choice using Bayesian Belief Updating
Eeshan Hasan
Jennifer Trueblood
Applying Cognitive Models to Evaluate Bias in Expert Predictions for NFL Games
Lauren Montgomery
Michael Lee
Sensitivity vs. awareness curve: a novel model-based analysis to uncover the processes underlying nonconscious perception
Mr. Ali Pournaghdali
Bennett L. Schwartz
Fabian Soto
Using Cognitive Diagnostic Modeling to Investigate Learning Taxonomy Assumptions
Ms. Candice Pattisapu Fox
Prof. Richard Golden
Establishing a paradigm to investigate strategy use in complex skills
Mr. Roderick Seow
Dr. John Anderson
Using cross-validation to determine dimensionality in multidimensional scaling
Dr. Russell Richie
Steven Verheyen
Degenerate Optimal Boundaries for Multiple-Alternative Decision Making
Sophie-Anne Helen Baker
Dr. Thom John Owen Griffith
Nathan Lepora
Decision making as a closed-loop process
Sophie-Anne Helen Baker
Dr. Thom John Owen Griffith
Nathan Lepora
Learning to Learn: Modeling the time-course of visuomotor adaptation
Tejas Savalia
Rosemary Cowell
David Huber
Feedback Influences Syllogistic Strategy: An Analysis based on Joint Nonnegative Matrix Factorization
Mr. Nicolas Riesterer
Mr. Daniel Brand
Marco Ragni
Extending TransSet: An Individualized Model for Human Syllogistic Reasoning
Mr. Daniel Brand
Mr. Nicolas Riesterer
Marco Ragni
Reading, eyetracking, and diagnostics
Francisco Iaconis
Karina Rodriguez
Gustavo Gasaneo
Alejandra Mendivelzua
Laura Garcı́a Blanco
Manuela Sanchez