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Characterizing Human vs Machine Gameplay in StarCraft II

Mr. Chad Aaron Peters
Carleton University ~ Institute of Cognitive Science
Babak Esfandiari
Carleton University, Canada
Robert L. West
Carleton Unversity, Canada

Our research presents a review of the StarCraft II ecosystem, and an analysis of those universal characteristics integral to the replay data generated by thousands of humans and robots in mixed competitions. In this paper we present the obvious and subtle differences between human and machine tournament play, and demonstrate that we can still identify and leverage various aspects of game play to distinguish human from machine.

Consulting with high-rank players Last updated 1 year ago

Interesting paper! Video games seem like a great enviornment for testing and comparing human vs AI performance, and SC2 seems like an excellent candidate for more complex analysis. Have you considered consulting with professional SC2 players (or high ranking streamers) to get their perspective on this work? I'm not deeply familiar with the comm...

Mr. Jacob Oury 1 comment
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Peters, C., Esfandiari, B., & West, R. (2020, July). Characterizing Human vs Machine Gameplay in StarCraft II. Paper presented at Virtual MathPsych/ICCM 2020. Via