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Interactive Model-based Reminiscence using a Cognitive Model and Physiological Indices

Mr. Kazuki Itabashi
Shizuoka University
Prof. Junya Morita
Shizuoka University ~ Department of Behavior Informatics
Takatsugu Hirayama
Nagoya University, Japan
Kenji Mase
Nagoya University, Japan
Kazunori Yamada
Panasonic Corporation, Japan

In this study, we developed a photo slideshow system to support reminiscence activity. Compared to a conventional photo slideshow, the developed system has two features: incorporating a memory model based on the cognitive architecture ACT-R and modulation of the model parameter from the user's feedback. We assume that the first feature enables various patterns of photo presentation by the system, and the second feature makes the system adaptive to the user's response. More importantly, such presentation patterns and feedback can be theoretically designed by using cognitive architecture.In this paper, a preliminary evaluation of the developed system is presented. Through an analysis of the subjective evaluation of the system and changes in mental states, we clarified the effect of model-based reminiscence.In addition, heart rate variability (HRV) analysis was conducted to clarify the changes in the behavior of the model by feedback.


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Itabashi, K., Morita, J., Hirayama, T., Mase, K., & Yamada, K. (2020, July). Interactive Model-based Reminiscence using a Cognitive Model and Physiological Indices. Paper presented at Virtual MathPsych/ICCM 2020. Via