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at the Toronto Downtown Centre

Opening reception
Jul 23 @ 18:00 EDT - Jul 23 @ 21:00 EDT
Private session
Poster session
Jul 24 @ 12:00 EDT - Jul 24 @ 15:40 EDT
In-person session
The poster session will take place on Sunday, July 24th, between 12:00-14:00 and 15:00-15:40. The poster boards will be up at 10:00 and taken down at 19:00.
Action sequencing, timing, and chunking in Space Fortress
Mr. Pierre Gianferrara, Dr. John Anderson
Learning linguistic reference biases in the PRIMs cognitive architecture
Abigail Toth, Prof. Petra Hendriks, Dr. Niels Taatgen, Jacolien van Rij
Organizational dynamics of memory across multiple days
Daniella Rafla, Mr. Brandon Katerman, Mike Kahana
Towards a computational model of a dynamic feeling of knowing
Justin Li, Bryce Boyle
Biologically-plausible memory for continuous-time reinforcement learning
Dr. Madeleine Bartlett, Dr. Michael Furlong, Ms. Nicole Dumont, Terry Stewart
Beyond responding fast or slow: Improving cognitive models of memory retrieval using prosodic speech features
Mr. Thomas Wilschut, Florian Sense, Dr. Odette Scharenborg, Hedderik van Rijn
The predictive performance equation in a generalized knowledge tracing machine
Florian Sense, Jong Kim, Mr. Michael Collins, Michael Krusmark, Tiffany (Jastrzembski) Myers
fddm: an R package for fitting the Ratcliff diffusion decision model
Mr. Kendal Foster, Dr. Henrik Singmann
Informational trade-offs of learning from expert demonstration
Rebekah Gelpi, Yikai Tang, Dr. Wil Cunningham
Combining multiple sources of information to make a decision
Ying-yu Chen, Prof. Joe Houpt, Mario Fific
Decoding and optimizing episodic memory
Joseph Rudoler, Mr. James Bruska, Mike Kahana
Multitasking while driving: central bottleneck or problem state interference?
Moritz Held, Dr. Jelmer Borst, Prof. Jochem Rieger
A scaling study of novel auditory stimuli for creating artificial events
Nathan Gillespie, Dr. Greg Cox
Measuring preference for gains and losses under delay and risk
Anderson Fitch, Dr. Peter Kvam
Gamification as a means to improve data quality in the stop-signal task?
Michelle Donzallaz, Prof. Andrew Heathcote, Talira Kucina, Dr. Lindsay Wells, Dr. Dora Matzke
Does memory noise follow Weber’s Law? An investigation in one temporal binding dataset
Laura Saad, Julien Musolino, Prof. Pernille Hemmer
Do the sequential dependencies of responses affect the reliability and validity of a questionnaire survey?
Daisuke Shimada, Kentaro Katahira
Temporal dependencies in the classification of free recall
Riley DeHaan, Mike Kahana
ACT-R workshop
Jul 27 @ 09:00 EDT - Jul 27 @ 18:00 EDT
Private session