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at Virtual MathPsych/ICCM 2023

Virtual ICCM I
Jun 17 @ 20:00 EDT - Jun 19 @ 19:59 EDT
Public session
Has a live component
Improving Reinforcement Learning with Biologically Motivated Continuous State Representations
Dr. Madeleine Bartlett, Kathryn Simone, Ms. Nicole Dumont, Dr. Michael Furlong, Chris Eliasmith, Prof. Jeff Orchard, Terry Stewart
Estimating individual property in a simple memory task
Kohei Shimbori, Mr. Jumpei Nishikawa, Mr. Kazuma Nagashima, Prof. Junya Morita
Welcome Mixer
Jun 19 @ 16:00 EDT - Jun 19 @ 17:00 EDT
Public session
Has a live component