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Virtual ICCM I

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The Cognitive Substrates of Model-Based Learning: An Integrative Declarative-Procedural Model
Cher Yang
Prof. Andrea Stocco
Improving Reinforcement Learning with Biologically Motivated Continuous State Representations
Dr. Madeleine Bartlett
Kathryn Simone
Ms. Nicole Dumont
Dr. Michael Furlong
Chris Eliasmith
Prof. Jeff Orchard
Terry Stewart
Illuminating individual learning dynamics within a task: A computational model analysis
Theodros Haile
Chantel Prat
Prof. Andrea Stocco
Errors Are The Stepping Stones to Learning: Trial-by-Trial Modeling Reveals Overwhelming Evidence for Mediator Retrievals of Previous Errors in Memory Consolidation
Bridget Leonard
Prof. Andrea Stocco
Estimating individual property in a simple memory task
Kohei Shimbori
Mr. Jumpei Nishikawa
Mr. Kazuma Nagashima
Prof. Junya Morita