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Session 1: Thursday 11 February, 9am-10am

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Risk, Regret, and Information-Seeking
Prof. Ben Newell
Ms. Tehilla Ostrovsky
Shi Xian Liew
Dynamic Perception of Well-Learned Perceptual Objects
Samuel Harding
Dr. Rich Shiffrin
Dynamic Perception Revealed by Cursor Movements
Samuel Harding
Dr. Rich Shiffrin
Modelling the Dynamics of Goal-Directed Motivation and Decision Making: Insights from Two Decades of Professional Basketball Data
Dr. Timothy Ballard
Simon Farrell
Prof. Andrew Heathcote
Andrew Neal
Discriminating between decision strategies in preferential choice
Mr. Gavin Cooper
Guy Hawkins
A Multi-Component Process-Tracing Study of the Attraction Effect
Neo Poon
Comparing Markov and quantum random walk models of categorization decisions
Mr. Gunnar Epping
Dr. Jerome Busemeyer