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The main room for AMPC 2021

Session 1: Thursday 11 February, 9am-10am
Feb 11 @ 09:00 AEDT - Feb 11 @ 10:00 AEDT
Public session
Has a live component
Risk, Regret, and Information-Seeking
Prof. Ben Newell, Ms. Tehilla Ostrovsky, Shi Xian Liew
Dynamic Perception of Well-Learned Perceptual Objects
Samuel Harding, Dr. Rich Shiffrin
Dynamic Perception Revealed by Cursor Movements
Samuel Harding, Dr. Rich Shiffrin
Comparing Markov and quantum random walk models of categorization decisions
Mr. Gunnar Epping, Dr. Jerome Busemeyer
Session 2: Thursday 11 February, 10am-11am
Feb 11 @ 10:00 AEDT - Feb 11 @ 11:00 AEDT
Public session
Has a live component
Trapped by Early Learning: Exploration, Contingent Feedback and the Development of Learning Traps
Prof. Brett Hayes, Amy X. Li, Todd Gureckis
Ideology, Communication, and Polarisation
Prof. Yoshi Kashima, Andrew Perfors, Dr. Vanessa Ferdinand, Ms. Elle Pattenden
Tracking logical structure in brightness rating tasks – Intuitive logic or looking for the strongest signal?
Nicole Cruz, Michael Lee, Dr. Rachel Stephens, Prof. John Dunn, Prof. Brett Hayes
Representation and integration of prior beliefs in a probabilistic reasoning task
Dr. Piers Howe, Dr. Bradley Walker, Andrew Perfors, Prof. Yoshi Kashima, Dr. Nic Fay
Censor Detection: When and how do people generalize from censored evidence?
Prof. Brett Hayes, Dr. Saoirse Connor Desai, Charles Kemp
Session 3: Thursday 11 February, 11am-12pm
Feb 11 @ 11:00 AEDT - Feb 11 @ 12:00 AEDT
Public session
Has a live component
The acceptability and usage of COVID-19 tracking technologies
Paul M Garrett, Mr. Joshua White, Andrew Perfors, Prof. Yoshi Kashima, Daniel R. Little, Stephan Lewandowsky, Prof. Simon Dennis, Dr. Martin Tomko, Dr. Nic Geard, Dr. Lewis Mitchell
Stressed Out! Associations between Paternal Mental Health, the Father-Child Relationship and Children’s Emotional Control
Dr. Emily Freeman, Mrs. Erin Robinson
Exploring why people approximate Benford’s law
Dr. Bruce Burns, Duyi Chi
Human Scheduling of Perceptual Decisions
Daniel R. Little, Dr. Ami Eidels
Session 4: Thursday 11 February, 1pm-2pm
Feb 11 @ 13:00 AEDT - Feb 11 @ 14:00 AEDT
Public session
Has a live component
Pursuing Multiple Goals under Time Pressure: A Computational Investigation
Mr. Manikya Alister, Dr. Timothy Ballard, Scott Herbert
Investigating the time course of feature processing in consumer-like choices
Jon-Paul Cavallaro, Guy Hawkins
A Statistical Foundation for Derived Attention
Samuel Peter Paskewitz, Matt Jones
Does jumping occur during the information accumulation process?
Amir Hosein Hadian Rasanan, Dr. David Sewell, Dr. Jamal Amani Rad
Testing instructions on five levels of speed-accuracy trade off
Mr. Tom Narraway, Guy Hawkins, Dr. Scott Brown
Session 5: Thursday 11 February, 2pm-3pm
Feb 11 @ 14:00 AEDT - Feb 11 @ 15:00 AEDT
Public session
Has a live component
Belief Updating as Learning: Comparing Healthy Controls and Schizophrenia Patients on a Probabilistic Learning Task
Ricardo J. Romeu-Kelly
Developing a Model of the Complex Interruption Process Between Clinicians in a Hospital Ward
Ms. Emma Knight, Dr. Timothy Ballard, Andrew Neal
Using Past and Present Indicators of Human Workload to Explain Variance in Human Performance
Dr. Zach Howard, Dr. Ami Eidels, Reilly Innes, Prof. Shayne Loft
Generative models of behaviour and self-report during mind wandering
Guy Hawkins, Dr. Matthias Mittner, Prof. Birte Forstmann, Prof. Andrew Heathcote
Session 6: Thursday 11 February, 3pm-4pm
Feb 11 @ 15:00 AEDT - Feb 11 @ 16:00 AEDT
Public session
Has a live component
Modelling Memory for WHERE
Prof. Simon Dennis, Dr. Hyungwook Yim, Kevin Shabahang, Elizabeth Laliberte, Ms. Adelaide McKenzie
Access to autobiographical memory: A cross-cultural investigation
Asheek Shimul, Dr. Emily Freeman, Dr. Kerry Chalmers
A critical test of the two-high-threshold model of the recognition memory ranking task: Analysis of hazard functions
Dr. Richard Chechile, Prof. John Dunn
A critical test of eyewitness identification errors: Is guessing the culprit?
Kym McCormick, Dr. Carolyn Semmler, Prof. John Dunn
Free Associations as Steady States in Dynamic Spaces
Kevin Shabahang, Dr. Hyungwook Yim, Prof. Simon Dennis
Session 7: Friday 12 February, 9am-10am
Feb 12 @ 09:00 AEDT - Feb 12 @ 10:00 AEDT
Public session
Has a live component
A Bayesian multi-level modelling approach to studying individual differences in automatic imitation
Dr. Alysha Nguyen, Dr. Kohinoor Darda, Dr. Richard Ramsey
Adapting task difficulty using the detection response task
Mr. Alexander William Thorpe, Keith Nesbitt, Dr. Ami Eidels
Exploiting Neurometrics to Design Intelligent Adaptive Systems for Efficient Air Traffic Control
Ms. Alka John, Dr. Avinash Singh, Dr. Tien-Thong Do, Prof. Chin-Teng Lin
Modelling Pedestrian Behavior
Prof. Andrew Heathcote, Charlotte Tanis, Dr. Dora Matzke, Prof. Denny Borsboom
The Time Course of Composite Face Processing
Daniel R. Little, Carmen Lynch, Jun Cheng
Session 8: Friday 12 February, 10am-11am
Feb 12 @ 10:00 AEDT - Feb 12 @ 11:00 AEDT
Public session
Has a live component
An Overview of Scoring Categorical Data Using Reciprocal Averaging
Ting-Wu Wang, Prof. Eric Beh
Four models of ordered, symmetric associations.
Jeremy Thomas, Jeremy B. Caplan
Particle Metropolis within Gibbs: An R package for Bayesian Hierarchical Modelling
Reilly Innes, Jon-Paul Cavallaro, Mr. Gavin Cooper, Caroline Kuhne, Guy Hawkins, Dr. Scott Brown
A cortical-depth-dependent analysis of bottom-up and top-down driven fingertip maps in human somatosensory cortex measured at 7T
Clinton Condon, Dr. Saskia Bollmann, Prof. Markus Barth, Prof. Ross Cunnington, Dr. Alexander Puckett, Ashley York
How do we choose our giants? Perceptions of replicability in psychological science
Mr. Manikya Alister, Raine Vickers-Jones, Dr. David Sewell, Dr. Timothy Ballard
Session 9: Friday 12 February, 11am-12pm
Feb 12 @ 11:00 AEDT - Feb 12 @ 12:00 AEDT
Public session
Has a live component
Statistics vs. semantics: Project similarity bias and variance neglect in forecast metric evaluation
Mr. Shir Dekel, Dr. Micah Goldwater, Prof. Dan Lovallo, Dr. Bruce Burns
Social meta-inference and the evidentiary value of consensus
Keith Ransom, Andrew Perfors, Dr. Rachel Stephens
Using General AI Planner to Understand Human Problem-Solving on Tower of London
Charles Kemp, Mr. Chenyuan Zhang, Dr. Nir Lipovetzky
The Cost of Thinking
Prof. Ben Newell, Chris Donkin