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Session 2: Thursday 11 February, 10am-11am

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Trapped by Early Learning: Exploration, Contingent Feedback and the Development of Learning Traps
Prof. Brett Hayes
Amy X. Li
Todd Gureckis
Ideology, Communication, and Polarisation
Prof. Yoshi Kashima
Andrew Perfors
Dr. Vanessa Ferdinand
Ms. Elle Pattenden
Tracking logical structure in brightness rating tasks – Intuitive logic or looking for the strongest signal?
Nicole Cruz
Michael Lee
Dr. Rachel Stephens
Prof. John Dunn
Prof. Brett Hayes
Increased source-monitoring load induces better decisions: Evidence polarization through exponential weighting
Dr. Yonatan Vanunu
Prof. Maarten Speekenbrink
Prof. Ben Newell
Representation and integration of prior beliefs in a probabilistic reasoning task
Dr. Piers Howe
Dr. Bradley Walker
Andrew Perfors
Prof. Yoshi Kashima
Dr. Nic Fay
Censor Detection: When and how do people generalize from censored evidence?
Prof. Brett Hayes
Dr. Saoirse Connor Desai
Charles Kemp