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About Australasian Mathematical Psychology Conference 2021
The 2021 meeting of the Australasian Mathematical Psychology Conference (AMPC) took place on 11 and 12 February 2021 in Newcastle NSW, and also online.

AMPC is a forum for presenting the latest research on mathematical and computational methods for the study of psychology and neuroscience. AMPC is open to a variety of research topics including but not limited to low-level perception through to high-level cognition, behaviour, emotion, communication, and group and inter-group processes.

Owing to COVID-19 restrictions, AMPC 2021 occured in a hybrid in-person and online format using an innovative 'flipped classroom' approach. Our aim was to minimize the time spent watching talks during the conference and maximize the time available for discussion and scholarly interaction in sorely-missed in-person events throughout 2020.

The in-person events took place at Noah's On The Beach, Newcastle. Virtual attendance was available throughout the conference for attendees who were unable to travel to Newcastle.

Not sure how remote conferences work? The AMPC 2021 Conference Guide is here to help!

Read the AMPC 2021 Conference Guide Download the AMPC 2021 Schedule-At-A-Glance


Conference chairs

Dr. Scott Brown, University of Newcastle
Dr. Ami Eidels, University of Newcastle, Australia
Guy Hawkins, University of Newcastle