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Session 9: Friday 12 February, 11am-12pm

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The evolution of category systems within and between learners
Dr. Vanessa Ferdinand
Andrew Perfors
Statistics vs. semantics: Project similarity bias and variance neglect in forecast metric evaluation
Mr. Shir Dekel
Dr. Micah Goldwater
Prof. Dan Lovallo
Dr. Bruce Burns
Social meta-inference and the evidentiary value of consensus
Keith Ransom
Andrew Perfors
Dr. Rachel Stephens
Facial shape provides a valid cue to sociosexuality in men but not women
Mr. Joseph Antar
Dr. Ian Stephen
Using General AI Planner to Understand Human Problem-Solving on Tower of London
Charles Kemp
Mr. Chenyuan Zhang
Dr. Nir Lipovetzky
The Cost of Thinking
Prof. Ben Newell
Chris Donkin