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Session 6: Thursday 11 February, 3pm-4pm

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Modelling Memory for WHERE
Prof. Simon Dennis
Dr. Hyungwook Yim
Kevin Shabahang
Elizabeth Laliberte
Ms. Adelaide McKenzie
Access to autobiographical memory: A cross-cultural investigation
Asheek Shimul
Dr. Emily Freeman
Dr. Kerry Chalmers
A critical test of the two-high-threshold model of the recognition memory ranking task: Analysis of hazard functions
Dr. Richard Chechile
Prof. John Dunn
A critical test of eyewitness identification errors: Is guessing the culprit?
Kym McCormick
Dr. Carolyn Semmler
Prof. John Dunn
Comparing the Generalized Estimating Equations (GEE) to Mixed Analysis of Variance(ANOVA) Using Experimental Longitudinal Data of Depression
Dr. Hojjatollah Farahani
Dr. Parviz Azadfallah
Strategic responding in false recognition tasks and the role of reasoning in memory
Chris Donkin
Helen Fu
Jennifer Sloane
Free Associations as Steady States in Dynamic Spaces
Kevin Shabahang
Dr. Hyungwook Yim
Prof. Simon Dennis