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Session 8: Friday 12 February, 10am-11am

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Distance Functions and Scoring Functions in IRT Models
Michael Smithson
An Overview of Scoring Categorical Data Using Reciprocal Averaging
Ting-Wu Wang
Prof. Eric Beh
Four models of ordered, symmetric associations.
Jeremy Thomas
Jeremy B. Caplan
Particle Metropolis within Gibbs: An R package for Bayesian Hierarchical Modelling
Reilly Innes
Jon-Paul Cavallaro
Mr. Gavin Cooper
Caroline Kuhne
Guy Hawkins
Dr. Scott Brown
A cortical-depth-dependent analysis of bottom-up and top-down driven fingertip maps in human somatosensory cortex measured at 7T
Clinton Condon
Dr. Saskia Bollmann
Prof. Markus Barth
Prof. Ross Cunnington
Dr. Alexander Puckett
Ashley York
How do we choose our giants? Perceptions of replicability in psychological science
Mr. Manikya Alister
Raine Vickers-Jones
Dr. David Sewell
Dr. Timothy Ballard