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Session 3: Thursday 11 February, 11am-12pm

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The acceptability and usage of COVID-19 tracking technologies
Paul M Garrett
Mr. Joshua White
Andrew Perfors
Prof. Yoshi Kashima
Daniel R. Little
Stephan Lewandowsky
Prof. Simon Dennis
Dr. Martin Tomko
Dr. Nic Geard
Dr. Lewis Mitchell
Measuring self-efficacy to improve teacher professional learning opportunities in computing
Dr. Elena Prieto-Rodriguez
Dr. Daniel Hickmott
Stressed Out! Associations between Paternal Mental Health, the Father-Child Relationship and Children’s Emotional Control
Dr. Emily Freeman
Mrs. Erin Robinson
Exploring why people approximate Benford’s law
Dr. Bruce Burns
Duyi Chi
Human Scheduling of Perceptual Decisions
Daniel R. Little
Dr. Ami Eidels