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Session 5: Thursday 11 February, 2pm-3pm

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Belief Updating as Learning: Comparing Healthy Controls and Schizophrenia Patients on a Probabilistic Learning Task
Ricardo J. Romeu-Kelly
Developing a Model of the Complex Interruption Process Between Clinicians in a Hospital Ward
Ms. Emma Knight
Dr. Timothy Ballard
Andrew Neal
Cognitive Workload and Performance of Competitive and Collaborative Teams
Murray Bennett
Dr. Ami Eidels
Using Past and Present Indicators of Human Workload to Explain Variance in Human Performance
Dr. Zach Howard
Dr. Ami Eidels
Reilly Innes
Prof. Shayne Loft
A hierarchical Bayesian analysis of psychometric curve changes in a vigilance task: an online replication
Shannon Gyles
Yamani Yusuke
Prof. Jason McCarley
Generative models of behaviour and self-report during mind wandering
Guy Hawkins
Dr. Matthias Mittner
Prof. Birte Forstmann
Prof. Andrew Heathcote