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Session 7: Friday 12 February, 9am-10am

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Is it auto or manual? Acquiring and using recommendations from a decision aid
Garston Liang
Chris Donkin
Prof. Ben Newell
A Bayesian multi-level modelling approach to studying individual differences in automatic imitation
Dr. Alysha Nguyen
Dr. Kohinoor Darda
Dr. Richard Ramsey
Adapting task difficulty using the detection response task
Mr. Alexander William Thorpe
Keith Nesbitt
Dr. Ami Eidels
Exploiting Neurometrics to Design Intelligent Adaptive Systems for Efficient Air Traffic Control
Ms. Alka John
Dr. Avinash Singh
Dr. Tien-Thong Do
Prof. Chin-Teng Lin
Modelling Pedestrian Behavior
Prof. Andrew Heathcote
Charlotte Tanis
Dr. Dora Matzke
Prof. Denny Borsboom
The Time Course of Composite Face Processing
Daniel R. Little
Carmen Lynch
Jun Cheng
The impact of father-child rough-and-tumble play and child cognitive outcomes
Mrs. Erin Robinson
Dr. Emily Freeman