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Modelling Pedestrian Behavior

Prof. Andrew Heathcote
Univeristy of Newcastle ~ Psychology
Charlotte Tanis
University of Amsterdam ~ Psychology
Dr. Dora Matzke
University of Amsterdam ~ Psychological Methods
Prof. Denny Borsboom
Univeristy of Amsterdam

I describe a discrete choice approach to microscopic agent modelling pedestrian behaviour. Crossed nested logit models are used by agents to make utility maximising choices in a dynamic and individual-based discretization of speed and direction. Each agent has a first-order theory-of-mind, basing their choices on predictions about the behaviour of other agent in the next time step. In contrast to most existing pedestrian models I introduce individual differences in agent parameters and present simulations of how groups of pedestrians interact in a range of scenarios requiring them to achieve a set of movement goals. If time allows I will present preliminary results on estimating agent parameters.



Discrete Choice Modeling


Mathematical Psychology

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Heathcote, A., Tanis, C. C., Matzke, D., & Borsboom, D. (2021, February). Modelling Pedestrian Behavior. Paper presented at Australasian Mathematical Psychology Conference 2021. Via